Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 7: Francesca and Matthew

Hi everyone! Francesca here, writing to you from Tobacco Caye. We all started our day by saying a sad (and sometimes tearful) goodbye to our homestay families. They were all wonderfully welcoming and we will dearly miss them. I especially want to thank the children in each for bridging the cultural gap for many of us, and allowing us to become a  part of the family.
After our last delicious breakfast at Ernesto's, we stopped by the Women's Center to buy gifts for our families and friends, and then we were on our way. The boat ride to Tobacco Caye was wonderful, the water calm and crystal-clear. For the first time in nearly six days, we didn't feel hot. We arrived at the island and Sean and Jen warned us about falling coconuts. The tour of the island barely took ten minutes, and then we were off to our first snorkeling lesson! Jen told us about the multiple dangers present in Tobacco Caye' s waters, thus frightening some of us before even entering said waters.
The lessons went well, so we are now all expert snorkelers (not really). I will now hand over the blogging to Matthew, who will entertain you with stories of our first snorkeling adventure. Bye everyone!

Matthew here, now how to describe our first expedition into the calm and crystal clear water of the Belizean Reef. The words that comes to mind are marvelous, majestic,awe inspiring and a few others but you get my point. The reef and the wildlife were amazing and Sean and Jen's still in spotting all the amazing sea life became a life saver for some of the less talented snorkelers as they showed us some of the sea life, such as tarpon, lionfish, spotted eagle rays,and much much more. After a jaw dropping first reef snorkeling experience (for some of us) we reluctantly exited the cool water and came back to our cozy beach house were we washed, played games, and in some cases bashed coconuts against trees (strange I know but true) all while awaiting the sound for the dinner bell were we would learn who would be on the night snorkel that night. That ladies and gentlemen brings us up to the present and I have no more to tell, stay tune for tomorrows blog as it will be a action pack one, but for now goodbye and thanks for reading. :)


Elisa said...

Thanks for the update - enjoy your time on the Caye!

Siraj said...

Glad to know you guys are having so much fun.


Christa said...

Thoroughly enjoying hearing of your adventures! Thanks for the updates.

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