Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 5 -- Nancy and Nash

Today was the last day playing with the kids at the school. We played basketball, played on the seesaws, and had a water balloon toss, and fight. The little kiddos threw water balloons at us Awty students, drenching us, head to toe. We finished the wiring on the steel, and mixed cement for hours on end, while the kids relentlessly begged us to play with them. We played ninja, and the children climbed on our backs as we threw balls at each other. The kids laughed and chuckled as we played a version of rock paper scissors. We all later gathered in a classroom for a ceremony, presented by the principal, Liberado. He and other teachers organized a gift exchange, in which, the students, and home stay families gave us homemade and hand crafted gifts, such as authentic bracelets and necklaces. Many families gave additional presents, such as Nancy and Margaret's. Their home stay daughters gave them vibrant necklaces, and beautifully-made head bands. We

The most exciting part of the day was our very special luncheons with an assorted group of village leaders and other influential members. I (Nash) had the chance to eat lunch with Alaliya, a village elder who had been in the village since it was first founded in 1976. She gave us an extensive history of village and its relatively fast progression into the modern world. In addition to this, she told us about the influence that religion and politics have had on the villages well-being in recent years. Other classmates had the chance to have lunch with school teachers, chocolate makers, and herbal healers. All of them enjoyed their chance to talk and have elaborate discussions with people that make decisions that directly effect everyone around them.

After we finish writing this blog post, we are heading off to play soccer with local children and we both expect it to be boat-loads of fun entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Sounds and looks like a very full day! I bet the soccer game was a blast!

B Hoggatt

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