Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 3 -- Hank and Margaret

Greetings, lovely parents!
It is I, Hank (and his lovely assistant Margaret of course) and it is time to summarize today's eventful occurences!
Hank awoke this morning to Alex Plezcko's lovely infrared headlamp, and boy that thing is effective.
Falling asleep was quite a challenge the previous night, but everything calmed down when the power went out and Alex White serenaded the vicinity with his unique and lovely voice. His soothing lullabies regarding "brotein" shakes and "gainz" were entrancing and quite the
The group headed out to the worksite (that's one word now, yes) after a huge breakfast, and it was immediately greeted by the truly warm weather and excellent humidity.
The bugs were pleased to meet us as well, and we were delighted. Alex White, Tyler, Nick, and Hank all headed out to a remote location behind the school where they lifted concrete blocks for a grueling and gruesome hour. Tyler taught his posse by grabbing two bricks at once, and told us it was the only way to truly get "swole."
In case your slow minds can't keep up with this current generation, "swole" refers to being or becoming incredibly muscular (think Tyler Goulding muscular).
At recess, Alex W. was assaulted by a horde of ecstatic children as Hank sicked them on the poor soul. In case you are wondering, the children view Alex as a "horsey," and tried to "tame" (with quotation marks) him with their willpower and forces.
Hank is running out of time to write this post as Ms. Bastedo yells angrily in the background, so it's time to speed things up, folks!
We came in for lunch and had a delicious and brotein-full meal loaded with carbs and PROTEIN.
Hank has to go grab his wet clothes, so it's time for Margaret to take over!

Hi Y'all it's Margaret! I had a much less eventful evening (no singing) but my room did play "Hey Jude" in order to fall asleep. It appears that everyone had adjusted to the heat well since there was a lot less complaining. When we woke up, we were treated to a wonderful breakfast (as usual) before we headed to the work site. I am proud to say that we were extremely productive today despite the grueling heat. After we worked we got the pleasure of experiencing an authentic Mayan chocolate presentation. We got to make our own chocolate and even eat it! Then most of us bought loads of milk chocolate that was equally fantastic! Today we are going to meet our homestay families! Most of us are excited about this.

OK Margaret is gone so it's just me now huehuehue.
TL;DR The trip is awesome so far, the river tubing was epic, I'm sure the chocolate was great.

Shoutout to H-MONEY'S PARENTS for keeping him swole, Marge's family, and Lexi requested a shoutout to her dad.

As always, we miss you all, dear family :(

Hank & Margaret


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have tasted the chocolate, too!

Bonnie Hoggatt

Anonymous said...

Hope you all are having a great time. No fun here- just heat!
Robert Glaser

Hector Acevedo said...

Shout out right back atcha Lexi, thank you! Hope everyone continues enjoying this wonderful experience!

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