Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 9 Eva and Alex W

By Eva and Alex

We left Tobacco Caye around 7, and everyone was sad to leave the tropical paradise. In addition to that, it was raining, and the seats of the boats got wet, which did little to lighten the mood. But, the weather did get better for the bus ride to Xunantunich and everyone was very excited to see the temple there (if a little tired).
Once we got there, Peter gave us a fantastic and in-depth tour of the site, and the view from the top of the tallest temple was fantastic; we could even see Guatemala!
After the tour, we went to a small souvenir market in the neighboring town and bought a few things, then we were on our way. Shortly before we arrived at our cabins, we went to a place called the Art Box, which had lots of beautiful art in it (surprise surprise). We got a couple of things there, and then arrived at our cabins, had dinner, and we went off to the Belize zoo for our night tour.

(this is Eva speaking) After we left for the zoo, it was a short 5 minute trip to get there. The Tour guides gave us a breif history about the zoo, split us into 2 groups (boys and girls) and we were off.
the first thing our group did was see the snakes.

We got to hold one (it wasnt as cold as i thought it would be...) Then we went to see the Tapirs. It was about the size of a minurature horse, and the guide said that it still wasnt done growing!
 After that, we went to see a couple of other animals. Soon after seeing the toucans, we came to the ocelots. It was so freaking cute!!! I wanted it as a pet after seeing it eat (omnomnom :3). Soon we came to an animal that all the returners were talking about: the Howler monkeys. OH. MY. GOSH. Those things sounded like demon spawn (it scared me so bad, epecially because we couldn't see them T^T). We then proceeded to look at different animals. Harpy Eagles, White tailed deer, and Magays. Those were all cool, but the most amazing one was the jaguar. The cutest animal besides the ocelot. He was so tame that the guide let us touch his paws while he was eating! (so soft :3).

Sadly, that was the end of the tour, and we went back to the Education center for the last thing of the day. (ok, i'm done typing, c'ya)

(Back to Alex)

The last thing of the day was the candlelight ceremony. We turned out the lights and passed around a candle. Whoever had the candle had to say something that stood out to them about the trip and a little bit about their growth over the course of the 10 days. Many tears were shed, mainly because we were saying goodbye to Ms. Winegarden. At the end of the ceremony we presented her with a certificate saying that we had planted a tree in her name at Awty. We did a little spider sniffing before bed, and then settled down to sleep before our last few hours in Belize.

Pictures for this blog will be coming soon, when we get a faster internet connection :)


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